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[10.30] | RL Map | 23.12.20

[10.30] | RL Map | 23.12.20

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Dalerium is going to start Monday 23, december 14.00 CET
We had very successful BETA, players reported for every possible bug that they were able to find.
Together with players we adjusted spells, monsters and quests to give you the ultimate gaming experience.
Without further introduction I am going to tell you the most important information about Dalerium.

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The average level will be around 170-215.
Magic 10x
Skills 35x
more information can be found at dalerium website under "serverinfo"

Rashid will travel, you have to walk to Djinns to sell items (no quests)
Additionally there is a djinn in Thais that buys items for 50% of the actual price.
Market place, and other Farmine npcs etc.

Quests and RPG.
You don't have to complete all the minor quests to do something, for example you don't have to do missions to enter Goroma or Calassa.
But at the same time you can't enter INQ without completing POI first.

You get experience from all the major quests depending on your exp rate.

Guilds and Wars?
I support guilds and wars, personally I feel like thats what makes this game so great, I have never could imagine myself playing in a non-PvP server.
Therefore I am willing to give premium points for guilds who have ventrilo or teamspeak server.(etc)
Guilds must have least 8 members with level of 120.

Contact; [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]

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