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#1 8.60 24/7 el Dom Mar 23, 2014 8:40 pm

god adriansito


que onda gente tengo mucho sin aportarles cosas pero lo q si se esque este ot esta con madre entrenle me llamo adrian igual pidan paro y les ayudo esta perro el ot

web acc:   (den en pvp)
ot 24/7 nada edit

Welcome on

Hello I'm pround to present you one of unique server on the world, this is a Full RPG Custom Server including some real tibia grounds like Zao or Yalahar.

What exacly is our server?

This is server created since 2008 with a lot of updates, map updates system updates and more, we decited to change our server name too, We can guarant you the fun from lowest levels to the higer, there are also balanced spawns, you cant power leveling place.

Some general information.

Level stages:

 1-20 - x20
 21-40 - x15
 41-60 - x10
 61-80 - x7
 81-100 - x4
 101+ - 3x

Skills: 16x

Magic level: 6x

Loot rate: 2x (monsters the same like rl Tibia, without bags, loot updated June 2013)

Houses: Over 400, you can buy one of them at 30lvl.

Restarts: There will be NO RESTARTS on Denera World, server will be online if there will be 1 player online.

War System: War is enabled from begening but after reciving 40 level you will be able to kill somebody from offensive fraction side.

Map: This is custom server with some real tibia cities.

Quests: We have over 60 quests actually (including Wrath of The Emparor the same like real tibia and many others).

Screen Shots: [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]

her information:

- Mining System (new!)
- Blacksmishing System(new!)
- Leatherworking System (new!)
- Task System
- Achievements System
- Hunting System (be the best hunter on our server)
- Unique Training System (1 minute of training = 1 soul point)
- Reputation System (get a repoutation from quests to get event tokens)
- A lot of daily events
- Fraction Chat
- Full security against attacks from outside ( server)
- Vocation balanced
- Event Chat
- Our TeamSpeak3 Server
- Instant bug report system
- Ticket support System

Some information about website.

This is webside created with bootstrap to be higher stable how it is possible we spent over 40 hours to optimize and create it.

we are writing news in polish language becouse 100% of players were polish, but if we find at latest 1 internation player we will write in English language too, rest page are in English.

[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]

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