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[Netherlands] Faloria REAL 7.4 server

[Netherlands] Faloria REAL 7.4 server

#1 [Netherlands] Faloria REAL 7.4 server el Sáb Sep 13, 2014 8:02 pm



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After almost exactly a year since last Faloria server went offline after being online for 8 months (December 2012 - August 2013) with 99% uptime, we are now back with a more polished server and a eager to satisfy the community once again with a stable and professionally handled server!

Are you looking for a good fight, or do you just want to revive some old memories in the lands of 7.4 Tibia? Then this should be the perfect place for you!

Server is launching this Sunday, 14/9, at 18.00 GMT+1!

You can now create an account on our temporary splash page. A full website will be available shortly, as well as our custom client and cam!

Website: [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]


  • Complete 7.4 map with 7.4 sprites
  • Complete NPCs with real dialogs and functions
  • All quests from 7.4
  • Daily serversave system
  • All oldschool runes and correct formulas
  • Custom client with real anti-bot features!
  • Personal TibiaCam available for all players
  • Experienced and fair staff
  • Shared experienced for all party members within the correct level range
  • Unique and custom made website
  • Hosted in the Netherlands by one of the leading companies when it comes to DDoS handling.
  • Task system
  • Bank system
  • Ability to trade with Rashid
  • Fair shop system, without items or buffs to give players advantage
  • Free premium for everyone!

Experience rates
Since our experience table is a bit special, there is no static experience stage as on most other servers. People who played other versions and/or Mastercores might remember that you got 1x experience from the monsters, but less experience was needed per level. A full experience table can be seen on the live website.

For example, when you are level 8, you will gain levels 34 times faster then on real-Tibia

  • At level 15 it will be 24x faster.
  • Level 50, 6x faster experience.
  • Level 100, 3.2x faster experience.
  • Level 200, 1.6x faster experience.

PvP config

  • You need 4 frags for Red Skull.
  • When you get 6 frags, you get banished.
  • Each frag lasts for 12 hours.
  • Banishment for excessive killing will last one week.

Only two people will get a frag per kill. The one who gets the last hit and the one dealing most damage.

Golden Account features

  • Light in client - Like having utevo gran lux constantly activated
  • Deal with Djinn Npcs - All you need is golden account and level 30 to trade with them in Ankrahmun
  • Party Exp Bonus - If you are in party, you will gain experience bonus for each killed creature
  • 1% less exp/item loss - You will always lose 1% less exp/skill/items when dying
  • All outfits

We strive after an experience as authentic to the old era as possible, and do not alter with custom items or vocations.
So what are you waiting for? Create an account now and prepare yourself for an epic adventure!

Hope you're as excited as us, and that we see each other on Sunday at 18.00 GMT+1!

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