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Reptera Global Full 10.8x

Reptera Global Full 10.8x

#1 Reptera Global Full 10.8x el Jue Sep 10, 2015 3:22 pm


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Reptera Information

Client Version: 10.81
Port: 7171
Magic Level: x6
Skill rate: x20
Loot Rate: x2.6
Exp Stages: Stages

Main advantages of Reptera:
- Balanced vocations - every vocation is balanced to fulfill their roles. Be carefull to choose the right one!
- Raid System - our rewrited raid system can announce raid in any time of day. Be prepare for many raids each day, but remember, the biggest bosses will spawn very rarely!
- Hotkey Equip - you can use the newest Tibia client function. It's works properly on Reptera!
- Party Bonus - if you hunt in party, you get special bonus experience. The bonus system and experience is equal to the real tibia party system.
- Amount of Quests - we offer you all quests from real tibia, but it's not all. We have added custom Quests, that will force you to think about them many hours!
- Achievements - on Reptera you have more than 300 achievements to unlock. All are working like real tibia achievements.
- Support - our support is very experienced. Also you can report bug in 3 ways: In-game bug report, account bug report or bug report on forum.
- Newest Client - we always update server to the newest tibia client. We also update all maps, as fast as possible.
- World Changes - on Reptera you can take part in all world change including Surrender Valley, Mawhawk, Gaz'haragoth or even Mamma Longlegs!
- Stages - our server stages will provide long-lasting gameplay on our bug-free server!
- DDoS security - our server is hosted in Hosteam, the best hosting company for open tibia server. We are free from DDoS'es and another external attacks.
- Custom Updates - due to adding new island, we have possibility to add custom content to server. Each week there will be added new hunting zone or quest (if there will be bigger quest, it will take 2 weeks).

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#2 Re: Reptera Global Full 10.8x el Jue Sep 10, 2015 7:51 pm



para eso juego rl nmms, subele skill y exp .-.

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