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[France] Realistica | Low Exp | RL Tibia Based OT | START 8 APRIL 20:00

[France] Realistica | Low Exp | RL Tibia Based OT | START 8 APRIL 20:00



[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver esa imagen]ear Tibia Community, we are happy to spread this wonderful news around the Tibia world!Realistica is known as the best Real Tibia based server.
Realistica does always give the PvP-feeling that you always had on Real Tibia!

Guess what..? Yes! Realistica is finally ready for it's launch on Friday 8th of April 2016 @ 20:00 CET!

The Realistica Staff got many years of experience in developing high-quality OT Servers. After many weeks of testing, we found the perfect formula for RPG and PvP! You will absolutely love this!

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Server Information
The Realistica Staff did choose a low-medium exp rate. The reason for this exprate is all about the Real Tibia feeling.

Level 8 - 29 = 50x
Level 30 - 49 = 30x
Level 50 - 69 = 15x
Level 70 - 109 = 10x
Level 110 - 144 = 6x
Level 145 - 169 = 3x
Level 170 - 229 = 2x
Level 230 - 999 = 1x

Loorate, Skill Rate, Magic Rate
Obviously there are no training monks on Realistica. This would destroy the Real Tibia feeling. Although, our team did test these rates for many weeks. We came up with the best skill and loot rates in combination with this experience rate.

Lootrate: 2x
Skillrate: 5x
Magicrate: 3x

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Have you ever wondered why you should buy a Premium Account? We will tell you about the special Premium Features.

First of all, you will gain 10% more experience than free players. Imagine how it feels to climb 10% faster than other players! Besides this, you will lose 1% less experience than free players.
Ofcourse this are not the only special features that you will gain by being premium. We will treat you like a premium member!
If you have a Premium Account you can rent and decorate a house in which you can store an unlimited number of items. Just imagine, a cosy picnic with your girlfriend in your own backyard. Moreover, you can use the bed or the hammock in your house to regenerate mana, health and soul points while dreaming sweetly.

On your journey you have met many new friends, now you all would like to unite in one guild. Nothing could be simpler! You just need a Premium Account and you are ready to found your own guild.

Based on Real Tibia
Start: 08 April 2016

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