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The Lost Kingdom Evolution!

The Lost Kingdom Evolution!

#1 The Lost Kingdom Evolution! el Jue Mar 30, 2017 9:20 am



Hello everybody! Buenas a todos!

otland . n e t/threads/swe-the-lost-kingdom-server-is-back-release-31-03-17-revolution-patch-custom-client.239901/

I'm glad to announce that The Lost Kingdom (Revolution) server will be going live this friday 31th of march!

What can you find and what changed? That's an easy and at the same time hard question to answer! Because there are tons of changes!

Lets start!

You will find the new system of "Evolution". Where you will be able to upgrade your characters power every 250 levels.

Custom quest chains, many hidden quest around the world, new incredible quest for all levels with many difficulties.

You will also find the new Pet system. Did you ever play pokemon? Yes? no ? Then you have the opportunity now inside TLK. Catch pets, train them, raise their level up to level 100 while you hunt, evolve them to a new powerful version, petvspet combat so you can measure who is the best pet trainer! And there are up to 50 different pets!! Will you be able to catch them all?

You will find a revamped item upgrade system working for all custom classes.
(melee% now affects fist fighting aswell).

A item set system where you will be able to gather different parts of a same set to gain great bonuses to enhance your character.

Skill point system, along with melee and spell critical strike.

New hunting places, along with many hidden ones on a custom map with new custom monsters.

A custom map with warp system. Explore the map to find "waypoints" so you can teleport to that place from other "waypoints".

Many new spells for every vocation. All spells have been rebalanced. GodForm spell!! (Also, now all shaman spells work on pvp).

Many different events all working perfectly!! Last man stading, the minion area (waves of tons of monsters, survive long enough to earn your reward), zombie event, the void zone (defeat the space scum that tries to breach into our world), powerful monsters system around the map (a powerful version of monster that will drop great loot), Dungeon system (Find the dungeon and defeat its master to earn a daily reward and some awesome loot) and many, many others!!

Revamped crafting and gather system, now easier than ever!

New spell system for all bosses and rare monsters around the world!! *You better dodge fast! or you may die*!!

You will also find a beautiful custom made city, with many secrets.
Nine amazing and custom vocations with their promoted version:

Everything working flawless with 24/7 uptime! Will you lose the opportunity to play one of the greatest custom tibia servers?

Join our community at (thelostkingdom.ddns. n e t) and download our custom client to start playing as soon as it goes live!!

We'll be waiting for you!

#2 Re: The Lost Kingdom Evolution! el Vie Abr 21, 2017 1:12 pm



The new update is here!

IMPORTANT NOTE: There's a new client on the website, if you don't download it, when you login, it may crash your client! BE WARNED.

Patch notes:

- A new experience system have been added so lower players will earn more exp based on the highest player level.
- A new ANTIBOT system have been added.
- 3 new potions have been added: Ultimate mana potion, ultimate spirit potion and supreme healing potion.
- Critical for all melee and spells can no longer happen in PvP.
- Critical damage have been reduced from 200% to 160%.
- PvP damage have been reduced from 50% to 40%.
- Evolving now is more worthy increased damage and spell damage earned from 1% to 3% per evolution.
- All summons now deal damage based on players level and main stat (magic, dist..), so they feel more worth over the levels.
- Ranger Pets have been granted a small AoE in front of them.
- Necromancer Shadowstrikers have been granted a small AoE in front of them.
- Some spells have been balanced. (Mostly damage reduction).
- Lifesteal in weapons now should solve healing problems on some vocations.
- Many code bugs fixed.
- Autolooting now is easier and works better.

New profession added: Cooking. Check the NPC Master Cook to learn the profession and start cooking delicious dishes that will increase your stats and much more!

Fishing monsters: Now you can buy a fishing rod and some worms, and start fishing! Fishing now let you fish monsters, and rare items like unity coins or enchanting materials.

Enchanting: Enchanting have been revamped. There are only 3 materials to enchant your weapons (pure energy, eternium stone and spark sphere) in addition to the upgrade dust. New enchants have been added to weapons and others have changed. Now you can optain ELEMENTAL bonus on weapon, or Lifesteal. On the other hand, there is no atk% or def%, now is flat atk and def enchant.

Weaponsmithing: New recipes for crafting have been added. This weapons are one of the best in game.

Mining/herbalism: A new NPC have been added that will trade your seeds and your minerals for crafting materials.

World Map:
-A casino have been added.

- 2 new spawns have been added, along with new and stronger monsters, with new quests!

- A new offline trainer for fist fighting have been added:

- Pets are back!! You can hunt them now perfectly, level them so they can evolve, and fight versus other player pets!! You can see that a monster is tameable (a pet), by a green skull on their names.
You can see all pet commands by doing !petcommands.
(A guide about pets will be added to website soon).

- A PvP outdoor zone have been added. BEWARE: You will not get skull, but you can die! Enter at your own risk!

-Many bug fixes have been done to map.
-More cyan crystals have been added.
-Secret spawns now are more "obvious".
-Added new quest for higher levels.

Thank you all for your help and support! Come and enjoy with us! The Lost Kingdom

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